Cristalmat - About us

The "Group of Crystallography applied to Materials Science - CristalMat" within the "Laboratory of Crystallography applied to Materials Science" is the association of researchers and students who aim to apply crystallography techniques to study and develop materials. The group is composed by researchers, technicians, postdocs, PhD, MSc, undergrad students and other collaborators.

Cristalmat was created with equipments acquired with FINEP grant, within a project from Indústrias Nucleares Brasileiras – INB, who aim the development of the technology to produce metalic zirconium with nuclear degree and zirconium alloys for nuclear application. The group has also funding of projects from several Brazilian agencies for scientific and technological research as, CNPq, FAPESP and CAPES, apart the institutions to which it is subordinate: CNEN and IPEN. Academically, the group is attached to the Postgraduate program in Nuclear Technology IPEN/USP (CAPES level 6), lecturing and forming researchers in the postdoc, PhD, MSc and undergrad levels.

Cristalmat also interacts with several research groups from Brazil and abroad, aiming the development of projects, scientific works and to exchange students and researchers. The group also works with public and private institutions offering serviced of analysis and project development.


Our objective is the application of crystallography techniques to study the crystalline structure and microstructure of materials, aiming the optimization of properties and processes, the development of new materials and new applications of these materials.

Among the techniques used, we can cite: X-ray (synchrotron), neutron and electron diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, neutron and X-ray absorption and scattering, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, measurement of magnetic, electric, thermal, mechanical, chemical, nuclear and corrosion properties.